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essay on agingWell, you have a topic you need to cover in your essay. To be more specific, you have to write an essay on aging. Since aging has a large number of issues to discuss, you have to narrow down the issue up to a certain problem.
So, this article suggests a few problems that may be discussed in essays on aging.

  1. Should People Fight against Aging?
    A large number of people resort to plastic surgery in order to stop aging. There are various fairy-tales about magic potion that can stop aging. However, should people disregard the laws of nature? Speculate upon it and present what you have come up to in your essay on aging.
  2. Evolution and Aging
    Aging is always associated with problems and challenges. However, you may object to the prejudices related to aging. How? Well, say that this process is evolution itself in your essay on aging. So, essays on aging that aim to investigate this problem can give answers to the following questions:
    • Can aging be regarded as one of the manifestations of evolution?
    • Should people object to aging?
    • How should people consider aging?

    If you want your essay on aging to be fascinating, be optimistic! Optimism is always much appreciated.

  3. Aging vs. Childhood
    Very often, old people behave just like children. They are naïve, clumsy and ingenuous. So, essays on aging may aim to compare and contrast aging and childhood. What are the other similarities that you may find between them? Write about it in your essay on aging.

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